The Reminder

The Reminder

We’re human beings. It’s human nature to forget. Sometimes we forget the most important matters. Frequent reminders are food for our souls.

The greatest Reminder is The Qur’an.

In it are treasures, treasures on how to succeed in this life and beyond, treasures of joy, hope, mercy, encouragement, rewards, gifts and glad tidings for the one who accepts and acts upon its messages.

In it are warnings, warnings of chastisements, reprimands, destruction and loss for the one who turns away from its messages.

The Qur’an encourages us to be good, do good, spread good and ultimately, receive good in return.


‘Is the reward for good [anything] but good?’


We are instructed to contemplate our origins, our existence, and our ultimate destinations. This world is limited. Times running out. And we have only one shot.

Those whose hearts are alive, will follow the reminder. They are the believers.



The reminder benefits the believers.

And Allah, The One, created us for a noble purpose, to serve Him alone.

Allah is Free of need and is The Greatest, irrespective of anyone’s worship or absence thereof.

It is us who need to worship Allah, for our ultimate benefit.


So let’s dedicate our existence, only for The One.