The Guide and The Book

The Guide and The Book

We love what we can relate too. We love those who have something in common with us. We feel at ease when someone shows us how to do something and guides us through an unfamiliar process.

We love truthful and just Leaders. All-rounders. We aspire to be like them.

Only the most eligible Leaders hold such a status and honour of being a Guide. Who’s worthy of such honour? With immeasurable Wisdom, The One decides.

The One, Allah, chose Prophets and Messengers out of the creation to be competent Guides and Leaders for the likes of you and me. The Guides were human Messengers who showed us how to devote our existence to The One, only for The One. These Messengers showed us how to live a noble life for The One. They ate, drank, frequented markets, married women, had children like other humans, but they did all that with a Greater Purpose- to serve The One. The Prophets and Messengers were many, including our original father, Adam, then Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, Jesus, and the final Prophet Muhammad (upon them be peace).  

And The One sent the Guides with Books.

Who doesn’t love books? Books mean knowledge. Knowledge means empowerment. Empowerment means strength. Strength means influence. Influence means benefiting others. Benefiting others means success.

The Books sent to the Guides were no ordinary books. These Books were revelation from The One. They were an accompaniment to The Messengers, to direct us on how to lead successful lives. Past nations had their Messenger and earlier Books. Sadly, people denied their messengers, deviated and distorted the earlier Books, adding to them false tales and misguidance.


The One sent one last Book and Messenger to guide us back to the straight path. Those earlier Books have been abrogated by The Last Book of revelation, The Qur’an. The Last prophet Muhammad, was the Final Messenger and Seal of the Prophets, no new messenger will ever come after him. If we want happiness, success and harmony, we need to tread on the path back to The One, and the only way to do that is by sincerely following The Messenger Muhammad (upon him be peace) and The Book of clear Guidance, The Reminder –The Qur’an.

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