The Straight Path- Need Direction

The Straight Path- Need Direction

On a solo journey, you traverse a path to make it to your destination. Flashback. Things were blissful as a child, though not always. Then you grew, with full discernment, able to distinguish what the road signs meant. Life came with ample opportunities. Things seemed trivial, until you met the fork in the road.

And there’s only one way, so pick wisely.

One path seems easy but is difficult, the other seems difficult but is easy.

One path is attractive and glamorous; the other is simple with clarity.

One path is short-lived and fast-paced; the other is for the long-term and lasting.

Grab those spectacles.

You’ll need them for P-E-R-S-P-E-C-T-I-V-E


Who am I… in relation to myself, to others, to everything?

What am I doing?

Where am I heading?


Needy. And desperate. You retreat to the ground. Head in your hands. Tears in your eyes. Overwhelmed. From the depths of your heart, you recognize how dependent you really are.

Dependent on The One, Allah.

Allah, The Most Merciful, The All-Wise.

Revelation to the creatures was a mercy from The One.

Messengers to the creatures was a mercy from The One.

The One did not leave us without direction. The One made the straight path clear, through a Guide and a Book to help you and I traverse the true path to true success, to the true destination, back to The One.

Find out about the Guide and The Book.