It All Starts With The One

It All Starts With The One

The One.

The Eternal.

The Omnipotent.

The Self-Subsisting.

The Loving.

The Almighty.

The Forgiving.

The Creator.

The Originator.

The Lord.


Deep down, every one of us has a natural instinct, an undeniable inclination to acknowledge The One.

The One, our Creator.

The Creator of the our surroundings, our earth, the universe, the galaxy, the heavens… The Creator of everything.

Our Creator has a beautiful name.


Allah is our Creator.

Allah is The One.

Everything has a beginning. But The One was, is and always will be Ever-lasting. Allah is Eternal. Allah is Self-Sufficient, The Rich.


Allah is the Self-Existing.

We humans and creatures rely on Allah to grant us being, life and existence.

We rely on Allah for provisions, food, water, family, friends, support and shelter.

We rely  on Allah to send the winds to shift the laden clouds and cause them to burst upon the earth with abundant, plentiful rain.

Rain, for our crops, for our cattle, for our rivers and mountains.

The One, The Originator. The Ever-Living. The One Who gave us life and will take our life and resurrect us again. The One to Whom the return is.

The One, to Whom we dedicate our entire lives.

The One, Who is sufficient for us.

The One we long for, we hope for, we trust in, we confide in, we ask from, we get from, we need, we love…

The One- Allah.

The One gave us a clear direction.

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